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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sandy Lou, R.I.P.

Today was Sandy Dog's last day on this planet and she is now enjoying a pain-free life on Piddler's Green. She was close to 20 years old, deaf, nearly blind and arthritic. For the past several weeks she has been having more trouble negotiating the stairs and couldn't get herself up when she slipped off her feet on the concrete floor in the laundry room a couple times in the past week.

Sandy Lou March 21, 2011

Sandy had been living with us since about 2002 when the young man next door asked us to babysit her as he was moving on to a job that required him to fly everyday. He had rescued her, healed the injuries she suffered physically and emotionally and loved her with his whole heart. But she's been a part of our family for quite some time now and we will miss her kind heart.

It's been a painful day around here...

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